My travels as a billboard pictorial artist allowed me to observe the ever-changing landscape. The way the colors of a landscape would vary from sunrise to sunset. Fleeting clouds would cast the land in cool shadow. Clouds would sometimes group together and settle in a valley or skim a mountaintop.I believe, all of these different atmospheres create direct emotional powers of their own.
The process begins with several colorful gestured brush strokes from my limited palette of five colors. Working quickly I add splashes of color onto the surface of the painting allowing the paints to flow and mix together. At this point the piece appears uncontrolled, almost abstract.I then rely on my imagination and intuition to determine the direction the painting will take. This is when I decide what needs to be removed, added, scraped, blended or softened to guide the piece to completion.
My painting style gives my artwork a suggestive quality. I invite the viewer to use their imagination. A long stroke of blue violet in a background may be perceived as a line of trees.A soft blend of color might suggest a meadow or a vista of water. I strive to portray the essence of an unspoiled landscape and to create a scene as intimate and personal to the viewer as much it is to me.
I am proud to announce that I am now being represented in the Houston Metro area by The SEAD Gallery, Bryan TX. To see what is currently showing at The SEAD Gallery go to 
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